Who am I?

I’m the type of guy that awkwardly picks up a plate of food at a restaurant to see who made it; the sort person who stares up at buildings (oblivious to passing cars) while walking the streets; the kind - to my wife's amusement - that draws up an entire apartment to scale just to come up with the best layout for my daughter's nursery.

  • I run my own design studio and business is booming - it provides me with full-time employment.
  • 100% of the content on this site, including the photos and graphics, are produced by me.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with spicy food and add chilli to almost everything.
  • I have been chased by a bronze whaler shark while surfing and live to tell the tale.
  • I have a fear of moths - it's called 'mottephobia,' don't ask me how I got it!

My passion for design started around the age when I learnt how to draw.

In primary school I would draw evil humanoid TVs and hybrid bat-bears flying around with swords. Good times. These probably weren’t my best designs, but it was around that age that I realised I love creating things.

My design obsession developed further when I began studying architecture at university. Upon completing my Masters degree I eagerly and apprehensively ventured forth into the workforce, and soon discovered that it was vastly different to my expectations.

I worked for several small architecture firms, where my job was primarily centered around designing profitable buildings for developers and houses for the ultra-rich. While working at these ‘boutique’ firms, I learnt a lot about design and architecture, but I also learnt that despite being ultra-rich, these clients weren’t any happier than the rest of us. They often wanted houses that were much bigger than what was outlined in their original brief – bigger than they really needed.

It was also around this time that I moved into a small apartment with my girlfriend (now wife), Georgi. This is her below:


The place contained a mismatch of furniture and was rather awkwardly laid-out. Fortunately – although some might say, strategically [insert evil laugh] – I happened to move in during a period when she was overseas for work for a few months. She casually told me that I should feel free to move things around to make it feel like home.

I took this to heart and went to town on the place.

When she arrived back at the apartment, lucky for me, she was incredibly happy with what I had done with our ‘new’ home. It was small but it was perfect, and we were right in the heart of the city.

A year or so later we had a baby.

Her name is Lila and she’s now around 15 months old. This is her on her first birthday:

A new addition.

As soon as we realised we were having a baby, I was struck with the realisation that we were now sharing our tiny space with someone else. There were so many new things that we had to accommodate room for; a pram, a cot, a changetable, more clothes and toys. What resulted were even crazier interventions to somehow, miraculously, come up with more space out of nowhere.

Unbelievably, we made it work, and we still love living here. The laundry sink is Lila’s bath, the city parks are her backyard, and the whole apartment is her playroom… or a minefield (depending on how you look at it).

Is this our home for life? Absolutely not. We are renting this place and still plan to buy or build our own house to call our own. But I do know for certain that when we do, it will be a small, thoughtfully designed and beautiful home for life. It’ll be our Big Small Home, and I passionately believe you too can do the same.

What's your story?

I would love to know what your story is and what brings you here- whether you’re starting from scratch, renovating an existing house or simply moving furniture around. It would be great to find out what you plan to do to make your Big Small Home.

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Or if you’d like to learn more about what Big Small Home is about, feel free to check out our about page.